Baby boomers are facing a health crisis.
We are living longer but not better. And healthcare expenses are skyrocketing.
And this new longevity presents another very real concern: the possibility of dementia.

We are increasingly worried about brain health on top of the need to deal with the effects of obesity and diabetes.

New research shows that the proper kind of brain and body exercise can have a profound effect on the way you age.
Neurogenesis, the building of new brain cells, is possible at any age.
And we've learned through trial programs and extensive research that when you focus a fitness program
on creating brain health first, the body follows and profound changes are possible.

Act!vate Brain & Body is fitness re-engineered for people above age forty-five,
that is designed without compromise just for them.

A scalable, landmark company that combines new technology, new practices, new tools, new process,
and new design to make it a magnetic 24/7 lifestyle company.

An upstream preventive solution to the baby boomer healthcare crisis.
And the first fitness solution specifically created for The Longevity Economy,
an unstoppable tectonic force that will transform the economy.

Science-based, brain/body fitness for ages 45+ delivered globally via remote personal coaching
and new fitness technology, followed by high-end clubs specially designed for an older population.

The Act!vate Brain & Body mission is to radically improve the trajectory of aging.
To empower our members to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

  Founder   Martin Pazzani  
  Head of Programing/Co-Founder   Marie Stoner  
  Head of Marketing/Business Strategy   Alison Kal  
  Head of Coaching   Ginny Kappler  
  Chief Financial Officer   Raymond E. Helms III  
  Chief Digital Officer   Tom Peckenham  
  Head of Consumer Research   Michelle Purcell  
  Chief Creative Officer   Patrick Peduto  
  Head of Public Relations   Carol Traeger  
  Dr. Emily Balcetis   Assistant Professor of Psychology, New York University
Head of NYU Social Perception, Action & Motivation Lab
  Dr. Pinchas Cohen   Dean, University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology. Executive Director, Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center.  
  Dr. Christopher Harz   Expert in Educational Technology,
Game Based Learning, Interactive Learning.
  Dr. Daniel Monti   Executive and Medical Director of the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine. Author of The Great Life Makeover  
  Dr. Luis Munoz   Chief Medical Advisor  
  Dr. Dan Ritchie   Co-Founder Functional Aging Institute & Miracles Fitness.
PhD in Health/Kinesiology/Gerontology.
Personal Fitness Professional Trainer of the Year 2014.
  Dr. Cody Sipe   Co-Founder Functional Aging Institute & Miracles Fitness.
Clinical Exercise Physiologist.
  Kelly Hunt   Fitness Operations and Marketing Advisor  
  Andrew Berlin   Founder of Berlin, Cameron & Partners and
Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein
  Nolan Bushnell   Founder of Atari; Chuck-E-Cheese; Brain Rush; Anti-Aging Games  
  Chip Conley   Founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels. Author of
PEAK, How Great Companies Get Their Mojo From Maslow
  Jeffrey Fox   Fox & Company Consulting. Author of 12 NY Times Bestsellers including How To Be A Fierce Competitor  

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