The Assessment

Your Client Experience

Before you begin your Activate program, your Coach and Certified Brain Health Trainer will spend some time getting to know you. That way, we can be sure that your customized program includes your preferences and reflects your goals.
To establish your physical and cognitive baselines and track progress towards goals, you’ll be assessed before your first session and every eight weeks. We’ll begin with a cognitive assessment using an FDA-cleared device called Thrive by Cognivue. Then we’ll get baseline measurements such as body composition, strength, balance and dual-task cost. We’ll provide you with copies of the assessments so that you may share them with your provider.
Using the results of your assessments and your input on goals and preferences, you and your Coach will finalize your program. Some Members prefer to focus initially on the in-person workouts and add additional program elements such as nutrition and supplemental brain training in stages. Other clients prefer to incorporate all components at once. It’s up to you.