The Circuits

About Our Brain & Body Exercise Program

Our goal at Activate is to help you live your best life – at work, at home, on the road, or when checking items off of your bucket list. Regardless of how you define your best life, you’ll want to stay sharp, active, and healthy in both brain AND body. And that’s where we come in.
Research clearly supports that exercise builds brain health – that’s why we created the first-of-its-kind brain and body fitness center staffed by experienced Certified Brain Health Trainers. We provide Members with a personalized, science-based plan that includes proprietary workouts such as The Cognitive Circuit™ and The FMR Circuit™ that use Dual-Task Training to combine physical exercise with cognitive challenges. We designed these workouts to build the all-important Physical and Cognitive Reserves that may protect against physical and cognitive decline. Additional components of each plan are based on individual goals, preferences, and assessments and are selected from a wide range of options that address stress management, nutrition, balance, and strength.